The Colorado Rockies need to make some moves this month

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The Colorado Rockies are 39-47 on the season, which has them 15 games behind the Giants in the N.L. West.  They are also 8 games out of the second wild card spot right now.  If I were running the Rockies, I would be busy this month in the trade market.  I would try to move Carlos Gonzalez, some relievers and bench players.  Gonzalez would be the biggest trade chip the Rockies have this month and the Indians, Royals, White Sox, Mets and Giants would all be very interested in him.  The next best asset the Rockies have are lefty relievers Jake McGee and Boone Logan.  The Blue Jays, Indians, Royals, Astros, Marlins, Cubs, Cardinals and Giants would likely be the most interested teams as far as trading for McGee or Logan go.  The Tigers, Cardinals and Mariners would likely have interest in righty relievers Jason Motte or Chad Qualls.  With the starting pitching market pretty shallow this month, the Rockies could get a decent offer for lefty starter Jorge De La Rosa, as the Orioles, Red Sox, Tigers, Royals, White Sox, Rangers, Mariners, Mets, Marlins, Pirates and Dodgers could be interested in him.  The rest of the guys I would deal…….catcher Nick Hundley, 1B Mark Reynolds, infielder Daniel Descalso and outfielders Ryan Raburn and Brandon Barnes wouldn’t bring a lot back in trades.  But the Rockies could package some of them together or use them as sweeteners for any player mentioned earlier in this post.  The Red Sox, Blue Jays, White Sox, Astros and Nationals are looking for bench players, so they could be a match for the Rockies.  The Rockies need to be aggressive without hurting the core of the team with the trade deadline coming up.

The Colorado Rockies should be cautious buyers at the trade deadline

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The Rockies have a lot of major league ready young players that they can deal in the next couple of weeks, but they should keep their top prospects.  I think they need an upgrade at 1B and I really like the idea of them buying low on Ike Davis of the Mets or giving up more for Adam Dunn of the White Sox.  The Mets would probably take a pair of Jordan Pacheco, D.J. LaMahieu, Jonathan Herrera, Tyler Colvin, Charlie Blackmon or Ryan Wheeler.  The Rockies might be able to convince the Mets to throw LaTroy Hawkins in with Davis for a couple of the guys mentioned above.  I just would love to see Adam Dunn hitting at Coors Field.  The Rockies also like Jesse Crain and Matt Lindstrom of the White Sox, so I could see one of them packaged with Dunn in a deal.  The Rockies will also likely be looking at righty relievers Luke Gregerson (Padres), Jared Burton (Twins) and Dale Thayer (Padres).  I could also see the Rockies targeting a #5 type starter with Phil Hughes (Yankees), Roberto Hernandez (Rays), Kevin Slowey (Marlins) and Erik Bedard (Astros) being possible targets.

The Colorado Rockies likely will only make minor tinkering at the trade deadline

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The Colorado Rockies are tied for second place in the N.L. West with the Padres with a 39-38 (50.6) record, which has them 3 games behind the Diamondbacks.  The Rockies don’t have a lot of needs, they just need some guys to step up.  Josh Rutledge has been pretty awful so far this year, so the Rockies could look into dealing for a SS like Brendan Ryan (great glove man) or Yuniesky Betancourt (better bat than mitt).  Both Ryan and Betancourt are the kind of guys that would slide into backup roles when Troy Tulowitzki returns to action.  That being said, it would probably be smart of the Rockies to see what they have in Rutledge.  The Rockies could look to make a minor deal for a righty reliever like Joba Chamberlain (Yankees), Louis Coleman (Royals), Greg Burke (Mets) and Burke Badenhop (Brewers) before the trade deadline.  If the Rockies want to go big, they could try to make an improvement at 1B with Paul Konerko or Justin Morneau being the main targets.

The Colorado Rockies need to rebuild

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The Colorado Rockies need to start the rebuilding of the team this weekend. They really lack any kind of starting pitching and that’s what they should try to get back in every deal they make. I know the Rockies don’t want to deal Michael Cuddyer, Rafael Betancourt and Matt Belisle….but they should move them before the trade deadline. They could get a nice return for that trio. The Rockies are also going to deal infielder Marco Scutaro as quite a few teams need help in the middle infield. Ramon Hernandez, Eric Young, Jeff Francis and Josh Roenicke could also fetch the Rockies some minor prospects. The Rockies aren’t going to compete for the playoffs any time soon with the players they have, so it makes sense to make some deals with an eye on the future.

It’s time for the Colorado Rockies to start selling off part of the team

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The Colorado Rockies are now 30-48 on the season which has them in 4th place in the N.L. West, 14 games behind the San Francisco Giants. The time is now for the Rockies to start thinking about the future and deal some of the veterans on the team. Here are the guys likely to be on the trading block:

Ramon Hernandez – The Rockies would like to deal Hernandez, but he’s on the D.L. right now. If he can get healthy before the trade deadline, a team like the Rays or Nationals could use him.

Marco Scutaro – Scutaro’s versatility (he can handle 2B and SS defensively) will help his value for the Rockies. The Rays, Cardinals, Brewers, Giants and Tigers are the teams with the biggest need. The Rockies should try to extract some quality prospects from the Tigers, who are in dire need at 2B.

Michael Cuddyer – Teams looking for a 1B or a corner outfielder should have interest in Michael Cuddyer. The Orioles, Indians, Marlins, Pirates, Brewers, Dodgers and Giants will be after Cuddyer. I think the Pirates might be the best fit for Cuddyer….if the Rockies decide to deal him.

Jason Giambi – Lefty swinging 1B Jason Giambi can still hit the heck out of the baseball. The Nationals and Reds could really use a bat like his off the bench. I think the Nationals would be the most interested, so maybe a deal can be struck with them.

Jeremy Guthrie – The Rockies have demoted Jeremy Guthrie to the bullpen, but he still holds value as a lot of teams could use help in the starting rotation. The Yankees, Orioles, Red Sox, Blue Jays, White Sox, Indians, Royals, Rangers and Braves are likely to have interest in him. The Rockies might just deal him to the Blue Jays, who are said to have a lot of interest in him.

Guillermo Moscoso – Guillermo Moscoso has had a hard time so far this year for the Rockies. He is currently pitching in AAA-ball. But, he did pitch well for the A’s last year, so he might garner some interest from A.L. teams. The Blue Jays, White Sox, Indians and Royals will likely have some interest in him. I would probably deal him to the Royals unless the Blue Jays want a package of him and Guthrie.

Rafael Betancourt – The Rockies would have to get good prospects to deal Betancourt as he has pitched very well for them so far this year. The Red Sox, Mets and Phillies would likely have the most interest. With the Phillies likely going to be sellers soon (as crazy as that sounds), the Rockies will likely turn to the Mets concerning Betancourt.

Matt Belisle – Matt Belisle is going to have the same teams interested in him as in Betancourt. The Red Sox and Mets could both use him.

Here is a trio of free agents that would be good fits for the Colorado Rockies

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I think if the Rockies signed the trio of players I suggest they sign, that they would be a lot better team in 2012. Here they are:

1. Kelly Johnson – Lefty hitting 2B Kelly Johnson would love playing half of his games at Coors Field. After losing out on Mark Ellis (he signed with the Dodgers), the Rockies need a new starting 2B and Johnson would be a nice upgrade for them.

2. Chris Snyder – Righty swinging catcher Chris Snyder could back up Chris Iannetta and possibly push him for P.T.

3. Bartolo Colon – Righty starting pitcher Bartolo Colon proved last year that he’s all the way back from rotator cuff problems. He would fit in very nicely at the back end of the Rockies’ starting rotation.

The Colorado Rockies are going to be minor sellers this week

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I know about the Ubaldo Jimenez rumors going around but I don’t see the Rockies pulling the trigger and moving him, as I don’t think any team is going to give them what they want for him. There is no need for the Rockies to blow up the roster but they could make some deals to bring in some prospects. Ty Wigginton is the best hitting 3B likely on the trade block, so he could fetch the Rockies a nice prospect or two. The Rockies could also get something nice for outfielder Ryan Spilborghs if they decided to move him. Jason Giambi, Mark Ellis and Jonathan Herrera are also likely on the trade block. Righty relievers Rafael Betancourt, Matt Belisle and Matt Lindstrom are all likely to be offered up in trades and a lot of teams are going to want those guys. The Rockies would love to move righty starting pitcher Aaron Cook but I just don’t see that happening. I look at the Rockies to take advantage of a couple teams for their relievers and Ty Wigginton this week.

The Colorado Rockies should be aggressive at the trade deadline

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The Colorado Rockies should be really aggressive at the trade deadline in a couple of weeks. First off, I would call up the Tampa Bay Rays and offer them CF Dexter Fowler straight up for righty starting pitcher Jeff Niemann. The Rays are looking to deal B.J. Upton, so they will need a replacement for him and Fowler would be a good one. They should then turn their attention to the Chicago Cubs and offer them rookie 1B Ben Paulson and 2B Jonathan Herrera for infielders Jeff Baker and Blake DeWitt. Baker and DeWitt would really strengthen the bench for the Rockies. Finally, the Rockies should offer Eric Young to the Oakland A’s for outfielder Ryan Sweeney. Adding Niemann to the starting rotation and Baker, DeWitt and Sweeney to the bench would make the Rockies a very, very hard team to beat in the N.L. West.

The Colorado Rockies really could use some help at 2B

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Jonathan Herrera just isn’t cutting it this year for the Rockies as 2B has been a black hole for them this year. The Rockies have some decent trade chips to make a deal to improve at 2B. I have a feeling that the Padres are going to be sellers soon and Orlando Hudson would be a perfect fit for the Rockies. He would help tighten up the defense while also adding a decent bat to the fray for the Rockies. I’m pretty sure that the Padres would jump at an offer of Ian Stewart straight up for Hudson. You might think that price is a little too high but I don’t. I think the Rockies should try to get something for Stewart before he loses all of his trade value.

The Colorado Rockies have 8 free agents heading into this winter

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The Rockies have 8 free agents heading into this winter so they will have some hard decisions to make. Here is how I see those decisions going down:

Miguel Olivo: 32-year old righty swinging catcher Miguel Olivo played in 112 games for the Rockies last season and he was 106 of 394 (.269 avg, .765 OPS) with 55 runs scored, 14 homers, 58 RBIs and 7 stolen bases. The Rockies hold a $2.7 million dollar option on Olivo with a $500K buyout. VERDICT: The Rockies have actually been getting trade offers for Olivo. I have a feeling that they might pick up his option and then deal him. They have been reported to have a big time interest in switch hitting Victor Martinez.

Jason Giambi: 39-year old lefty swinging 1B Jason Giambi played in 87 games for the Rockies last season and he was 43 of 176 (.244 avg, .776 OPS) with 17 runs scored, 6 homers, 35 RBIs and 2 stolen bases. VERDICT: I see the Rockies letting Giambi go as they are on the hunt for a righty swinging 1B to share time with Todd Helton next year.

Melvin Mora: 38-year old righty swinging 3B Melvin Mora played in 113 games for the Rockies last season and he was 90 for 316 (.285 avg, .779 OPS) with 39 runs scored, 7 homers, 45 RBIs and 2 stolen bases. VERDICT: If the Rockies can get Mora back on a decent deal I think they will make it happen.

Jay Payton: 37-year old righty swinging outfielder Jay Payton played in 20 games for the Rockies last season and he was 12 of 35 (.343 avg, .875 OPS) with 3 runs scored, 1 RBI and 1 stolen base. VERDICT: The Rockies might invite Payton to spring training but I think that’s the best they can do for him.

Jorge de la Rosa: 29-year old lefty starting pitcher Jorge de la Rosa pitched in 20 games (all starts) for the Rockies last year and he was 8-7 with a 4.22 ERA and a 1.32 WHIP. VERDICT: The Rockies want de la Rosa back but they have to be careful not overpay for him.

Jeff Francis: 29-year old lefty starting pitcher Jeff Francis pitched in 20 games (19 starts) for the Rockies last season and he was 4-6 with a 5.00 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP. VERDICT: The Rockies turned down Francis’ club option worth $7 million big ones. They would likely want to bring him back on a deal with a small base salary with a lot of incentives.

Joe Beimel: 33-year old lefty reliever Joe Beimel pitched in 71 games (0 starts) for the Rockies last season and he was 1-2 with a 3.40 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP. VERDICT: The Rockies probably want to bring back Beimel back but he won’t come cheap as he is one of the better free agent lefty relievers on the market.

Octavio Dotel: 36-year old righty reliever Octavio Dotel pitched in 8 games (0 starts) for the Rockies last year and he was 0-1 with a 5.06 ERA and a 1.88 WHIP. Dotel pitched in 68 games (0 starts) with the Dodgers, Pirates & Rockies last season and he was 3-4 with 22 saves, a 4.08 ERA and a 1.31 WHIP. The Rockies have a $4.5 million dollar option on Dotel for 2011 with a $500K buyout. VERDICT: Dotel will get paid the $500K by the Rockies and they won’t pursue him.

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